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Troller Mayer Associates, Inc. (TMA) is a landscape architecture, site planning and urban design firm located in Glendale, California. We have worked for over 30 years with public agencies, private developers, non-profit organizations, and clients to plan, design and build a range of projects throughout Southern California in both the private and public sectors.

Site Planning and Design for the private and public sectors: parks and open spaces; public complexes; streetscape design and development; schools and university campuses; residential estates; affordable, multi-family housing and senior citizen developments, business centers and urban development.

Landscape Restoration and Revitalization of derelict lands and brownfields resulting from resource activities such as mining, waste disposal, landfill or abandoned areas of the urban metropolitan environment.

Consensus Building for public and private sector projects: meeting facilitation with stakeholder groups with simultaneous graphic support, analysis and documentation of meeting process and outcome.

Ecological Planning for preservation, conservation and maintenance of wilderness, land reserves and other sensitive natural areas.

Evaluation and Research Reports for environmental impacts of proposed projects for public and private facilities.

Preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction of culturally significant sites.

Our design process includes community and public participation, client involvement and a close partnership with all concerned public agencies. We offer full due diligence as it relates to documented and investigative research of the site and site context as well as any future planning issues. Our extensive experience in planning and city processes enables seamless interface with architects and other urban planning professionals in developing these projects.

Our in-house team includes professionals with experience in landscape architectural design and development, native and drought tolerant plant selection, water conservation and irrigation engineering, graphic communication, construction documentation and CAD to support these activities. TMA's expertise in sustainable landscape design, soil and water conservation and best management practices (BMPs), support the establishment of aesthetically pleasing projects that conserve resources.

Troller Mayer Associates, Inc., Landscape Architects, is committed to working with clients, users, public agencies and other stakeholders in building projects that improve the quality of life in our communities.

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